WISE Meeting

I went to the WISE meeting on Tuesday February 9th.  Beth Conover spoke and read from her book “How the West was Warmed”  I actually did some real networking and collected a few business cards.  I also became a full fledged member of WISE.  Where ever my  new career takes me I really like this group and so I thought I would take the plunge into the bank account and join up.    I don’t know, I view these networking events as rather scary but so far I think I’m doing quite well and I have surprised myself in putting myself out there.  I am learning to relax a bit.  The interview for the publishing company didn’t go well.  And, I’m ok with that.  I was in the interview with the woman that I would have been working with, basically her assistant and in the back of my mind I’m thinking…”ugh, I really do not want this job” .  You know the job would have been ok but I was just not connecting with this person at all.  So, I guess it all worked out in the end. 

I will be volunteering for the Smart Energy Living Alliance on Sunday February 21 at the Colorado Garden and Home Show which runs from February 13 through the 21. 

Oh, and I really do not like the name of this blog.  Trying to come up with something else.


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