Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday.  I absolutely love my birth day.  It’s a on perfect number, in the perfect month of April and I share it with no one.  Not Jesus Christ, not a twin, no holiday just my day to do as I like.  

And, with that being said, Iam really quite sick of this blog.  Just boring “I got an interview”  “I didn’t get the job”  “I got an interview”  “I didn’t get the job”   “I got an interview”  and so on ad nauseum.  Writing a blog is not as easy as it looks .  One must have a certain amount of discipline, like working at a computer and have time to craft smart, witty posts.  Plus, and most importantly one must enjoy the subject of which they write about.  And, there lies the problem.  Job searching at this point is really a drag.  Actually, I haven’t done any for the last three weeks.  I get to my laptop and I start surfing, reading witty, smart blogs written by someone else and then before I know it the day is done and I haven’t done shit.


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