Goodbye Lost

I am suffering from an extreme emotional hangover.  I’m embarrassed too.  I can’t believe I’m that involved emotionally in a televlsion show.  Yes, I’m a rabid Lost fan,  I don’t get half of the allusions, philosophical references, etc etc but I loved the show and was tuned in for most of the ride.  I saw the finale last night and I’m emotionally spent.  It was sad, I cried like a baby so many times through out the show. Yet it was inspiring and joyful.  But, sad, they are all dead!  But, I guess, my vision of heaven or whatever would look a lot like that, where you are surrounded by the people that you care and love.  There would be forgiveness and light.  It really, after the devastating impact of it all, really was beautiful.

I’ve been reading posts  all day just trying to get a handle on things.  There is some great commentary  out there.  Like   Ryan McGee of and I love Tracy Phillips of  She’s got a wicked sense of humor and keeps things light but gives lots of details. 

But, man I need some funny.  And fast.

Did you see the finale?  What did you think?


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