For the love of journals

I have an obsession with journals, any book with lines in them; big, small, pretty, slim, fat I’ll take ’em all.  Currently, I am on a personally induced ‘journal freeze’.  I cannot buy anymore journals unless I have filled up one completely (give or take a few pages).    So here is a pic of my sewing journal.  This one is from eeboo.  A fine company that sells all kinds of swell stuff for children as well as for people like me who like journals and quaint little things  like this

 This one holds alot of clippings of clothes that give me insipiration or that I would like to make in the future.  Like the dress on the left, I love that style and am currently working on a vintage pattern to create the look. (but, and this is  embarassing, you’ll notice that I started the damn thing back in 08!  Yikes!)

 I also have in the journal a project plan.  A document I created in Word to help me keep track of changes I made to the pattern when I started, a swatch and little boxes to check like is the fabric on grain, did I insert new needle etc.  Kind of keeps me in check so I don’t engage in sloppy sewing.  I am sewing quite a bit from the clippings in this journal.  I just got the new Sundance catalog in the mail and there are several things I want to re-create from that as well. 

 Like this

And this

 And this

So, I guess I’d better finish those pants I started in ’97.  Do you have trouble keeping on track and finishing projects?  What kinds of things do you do to stay focused and finish what you started?  Love to hear.


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