Experimental Sewing

Today I was working on a skirt I started at the Denver Sewing Collective meeting.  But, it wasn’t working out and I wasn’t too crazy about  the material so I abandoned all hope, and now it’s ‘crap scrap’.  However, I’m in the experimental mood and I am looking to make a slight A line skirt.  The one’s I’ve been making are too full.  So, I’ve taken a pattern front and I’m using it for the front and back.  The pattern is for a woven but I’m using a cotton stretch.

 ‘ M’ my sewing buddy said to be sure the hem is even since I’m using the front for the front and back.  (Didn’t think of that)  Sound confusing?  Why not use the back pattern piece?  I dunno, this all seemed like a good idea at the time.  I am just making this as I go, fitting it here and there.  I don’t have enough fabric for a facing, so I’ll either need to go to the store and get something similar or go for an elastic wasitband.  I’d really like a contoured waistband but I don’t have enough fabric to match.  If I go the facing route I’ll need to add in a zipper too. Or maybe I could add a facing but no zipper.  Hmmm. 

I tend to do a lot of sewing that isn’t by the book.  Sometimes it works but more often it doesn’t but at least it’s a try.    I’m not emotionally invested in this material so if it just doesn’t workout it’s ok.

 By experimenting I usually will find that there is a good reason why I am supposed to do something the way it’s written.   But, sometimes I get lucky and find a shortcut or just a better way of doing something.


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