Organizing the Chaos

Today was all about getting the old sewing room back in order.  It seems I just step in the room and it turns into a disaster zone.  Plus, I was getting down and so the best action for the doldrums is doing something, anything.  Part of my clean up required some sewing of course.  I had found some nice brocade like tablecloths at Target on sale for super cheap back in Janurary.  They were from the Christmas line.  Huge  tablecloths for 2.50. Crazy.  I liked the material and thought you can’t buy that amount of fabric for that cheap.   

In my house I have those horrible pine doors, they’re really old and the previous homeowner kicked a hole in each door.  I don’t know how to hang a door, plus that sounds expensive so the next best thing is to cover ’em up.  Here is the result of my new brocade tablecloth hide-the ugly door-curtains.  I have another tablecloth and I’m going to make window curtains out of those. 


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