Troubleshooting problems with buttonhole function on a Pfaff

Today I had the luxury of sewing for most of the day.  I usually don’t get that opportunity.  I mainly worked on my 1943 vintage Dubarry dress pattern.  When I got to a stopping point (need to buy buttons) I started playing around with the button hole  function on my machine in anticipation of putting in buttonholes.  The buttonhole function  has only worked once, every other time it has failed miserablely and I’ve taken it in several times never to get it adjusted etc.  When the machine is serviced the tech guys can obviously get it to do just fine and think I’m crazy.  So today I tinkered and wrote down notes and finally after about an hour I think I figured it out.  I’m so excited, I love my Pfaff  but to tell you the truth at the price I paid not to have something work really bothered me, so much I considered switching brands.  But, after looking at the problem and really strategizing it I finally got it to work.  If you ever have problems with the buttonhole function on your Pfaff send me an email and I can tell you what I did to correct the problem.  And, no you don’t have to do the manual function to get nice button holes.


4 thoughts on “Troubleshooting problems with buttonhole function on a Pfaff

  1. I’m having difficulty with auto buttonholes on my Pfaff 2023! I think 1 out of 10 comes out right. This is my first time with buttonholes and it’s driving me nuts! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated?

  2. Hi I’m having some trouble with getting my Pfaff hobby 1142 auto buttonhole function started. it just keeps sewing forward and bunches up the material…. I have spent 2 hours on this and still haven’t figured out why it’s not working!

  3. Yes, I have!

    Last night I set the automatic button hole on my Classic Style to 11 for two similar buttonholes. First one was fine. The second one I struggled with for three hours before I thought I had better stop sewing and ripping put a 5 lenght button hole before in my anger I rip up button hole number 8 And my fabric…

    I have reset, switch on and off, tried different fabric (which it works fine with). If you have a tip, please let me know, I would be very very grateful!


    • What a great blog you have. I visited it today and I love that little red coat you made. Super cute lining too. But, back to the problem at hand. What I did was adjust the tension. Have you tired that? Also, I practiced on scraps of the exact material I was working on including using interfacing if you are using it. Replicate everything exactly. Plus, I wrote down on maker on my scraps what all the settings were at. (see photo) After awhile I was able to get consistent results. I marked what the width was at, what the length is at and what the density is at. Plus, even though my machine says to do buttonholes with a tension on #3 I got better results when it was at 4 and 5. But, and this is important, once I went on to the project I was working on everything went to hell (excuse my language). It is beyond frustrating. I literally wanted to toss my machine out the window. But, since your machine is a different model this might work for you. As for now, I take my clothes that need buttonholes and take them to my friend and she puts them in. I would like to know if this worked for you.

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