Vintage Dress – DuBarry 5257

Finally finished the vintage pattern DuBarry 5257 and here it is.

I think it turned out really well.  I have, of course a list of things I would do differently but I would, without a doubt use this pattern again.   One, I love the green fabric but it is a cotton and the type that needs a lot of pressing to get wrinkle free.  No quick run over with the iron, this fabric needs PRESSING.  Additionally I would:

  • raise the waist a bit
  • increase the SBA even more
  • interfacing  (old patterns don’t have that step in the directions and I just forgot to add it in)
  • fix the curved collar on the pattern and do more traditional collar (No curves)
  •  different fabric
  •  if I do stripes I’d pay more attention to lining the stripes  up…opps

The sleeves went in wonderfully,  and I added the cuffs.  I had a hard time with the collar lining up with the back bodice.  I had problems with the muslin too, not sure if it was the pattern or me. Of course my button hole attachment went berserk so the buttonholes are rather crappy, but only upon close examination. I did not add shoulder pads and did not have to do an adjustment to the pattern either.  The shoulders look great.  The only thing I did not like on the pattern was the curved collar.  I would use a notched collar or if I can find someone who knows how to do a curved collar without puckers I would do it.  I like the way the collar can stand up or lay flat.  Overall a great pattern to work with.

I’ll post pics of me actually in the dress and post on flickr.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Dress – DuBarry 5257

  1. Very nice. The background color from the fence, adds a great color combination for jewelry.
    Complements are in order.

    • Yes, it’s hard to take a decent picture but I really like the way the dress came out. Haven’t worn it yet. Been at home with a terrible sinus headache. Just starting to feel better. Jill

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