Pants Project Continues

I have been working on my pants here and there.  I have sewn on the waistband only to rip it out and the side seams and do some fine tuning.  It’s funny but the muslin fit great and I did ( I think) everything the same on the jean fabric.  Not sure how that worked out.  The photo is my pants  on the left and the pants I’m trying to copy on the right. (The picture is not very clear, sorry)  The ones on the right are Ann Taylor cropped jeans.  My pants do not have any jean detailing, but so far everything else is quite similar to the Ann Taylors.  My pants are a little wider in the leg which I like. 

I also made a pocket pattern for the backside.  Need pockets. Instead of altering the darts which sometimes you need to do, I just placed the pocket over the lower part of the dart.  In that way no one will see if the dart puckers or not.  Which it usually does for me.   I make them a little shallower for my particular body parts.

  And, below  is a picture of my hand, drawing on the mock zipper detailing.   And you may notice how nice the front darts are.  Very nice. Very. Nice.  I am hoping to bring this project to the next Denver Sewing Collective meeting if I don’t get it done before hand.  After I’ve completed the pants I’ll post a review. 

my hand


One thought on “Pants Project Continues

  1. The darst are awesome and the hand is very nice as well.
    I could use a pair of tailored pants, but I need to take your class, I am rusty.

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