Duct Tape Prom Attire

Here are this years Duct Tape Prom Attire winners.  I love this contest and am amazed at the really creative ways of making outfits out of duct tape.  I think my favorites  are  #5282 and 5428 for their theatricality.  But the winners Ray and Yancy, well that does really look like something one would wear to the prom.  Of course, I wonder how they did it.  They must put the tape on to something, paper or muslin to give it stablization.  I bet they went through a whole lot of needles.   Sewing with plastic can be annoying, but tape? And, how comfortable can that be?  Has anyone worn a duct tape dress before?  If so, please do tell…

The Art Directors Club of Denver has a paper fashion show.  The dresses for this event are all made out of paper.  Every year I tell myself  I’m going but next year, ya, for sure I’m going.  All in all these types of contests are really inspirational


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