Could you survive without sewing?

Things getting in the way of your sewing?

I am amazed at the people I meet at the Denver Sewing Collective and their enormous creative output.  There are women in the group that have families, jobs, school all sorts of life commitments and they still carve out time to create, and they create a lot. This gives me inspiration, it tells me that I can do it too, that I need to do it.  Some do it as a side job, most do it for the pure joy and satisfaction it brings to their lives.   

I’m recognizing how important this creating is in my life.  I don’t aspire to sew for money, I have absolutely zero desire to make tote bags or clothing and sell on esty. I’m extremely narcissistic when I comes to sewing  –   I just want to sew for ME.  I  made a dress several years ago and I thought to myself, ‘Gee I could go to the mall and buy something similar with zero fuss and be done with it.  Why in God’s name am I spending all this time making this?’  My answer was because I LOVE to do it.  That’s when I knew I was a sewer, seamstress, sewist ( I really need to pick a label and stick with it).

 I have had so many abject failures in the area of sewing I could clothe a very ill fitted army.  But, I keep going on, learning, failing, learning all in an effort to perfect the craft.  Sometimes, (’cause I obsess about  things I have little control over, like the future and superbugs ) I think I’ll need to find some young teen to thread my needle when I’m 89 so that I can keep sewing.   But, then a friend informed me that now sewing machines can do that for you.  One less thing to worry about.  So, to the question at hand.  How important is sewing or other soul craft that you do in your life?  How are you to deal with when you don’t get time to create?    I know for me I would survive but I would be the meanest, bitty on the planet. 

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