Princess Diana Dresses

My camera is busted and my laptop is down as well, unable to access internet, using another one to check mail etc.  So, just posting a few pics on the lovely Lady Di dresses. 

I saw some of her dresses when they went on tour a while ago.  I saw the famous Elivs Dress below.  And, it was stunning and looked very heavy.  Of course I wan’t able to see the inside, how great that would have been.  But, still viewing costumes or other fine workmanship like Lady Diana’s dresses can give you a peek in to how a high quality garment is made.  Or at the least be inspiriational.  They truly were amazing.  There was talk of taking one dress and cutting it all apart and selling off squares.  I was mordified when I heard this.  Thankfully, her famous Black Dress was recently bought for a whopping price but  looks to be going to a good home.


One thought on “Princess Diana Dresses

  1. I remember the tour of Princess Di’s wardrobe. Truly awe inspiring. She was also able to wear them as beautifully as they were intended to be worn, I can not imagine anyone else but Princess Di in the original. What fun to recreate one of your own.

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