Using unusual fabrics in sewing

I made this skirt awhile back, but it was too full.  So, I took in the side seams and made it a little  more pencil skirt like.  The fabric is from some old barkcloth drapes I got at an antique store in North Dakota. I made a tote bag as well, plus a knitting bag that I sold to a friend. As you might imagine it is kind of heavy.  Not quite summer wear.  Better for spring or maybe fall with some black boots.   I tested the barkcloth and washed a swatch it really washed well.  However, due to its age I won’t be washing it.

 I love working with unusual fabrics, especially vintage. I also found a  fabric that reminds me of a Swedish print.  I’m making a skirt too, but have a lot leftover, this stuff is awesome to work with.   Do you have a favorite type of fabric you like to work with?

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