What have you been up to lately?

I finally got that rug done.   There was an idea from one of the members of the Denver Sewing Collective to make rugs.  I don’t think this is what she had in mind but this is what mine turned out to look like. 

 I cannot remember where I saw this idea.  It was a sewing book but I can’t remember the title.  She put two towels together and made some patchwork, crazy quilt with sheet remnants on the back.  I liked the idea because so many bathroom rugs aren’t really washer friendly.  Washing two towels should work well.  I got these towels and sheets at a thrift store.  I love yellow, so cheery and sweet.  Plus, gotta love the ‘Mama’.  

And, I have been tailoring boys clothes to fit ever changing bodies.  Here I just cut off the arms and make into short-sleeved shirts.  They can wear them with long sleeved henleys in winter. 

does your kid dress like this?

When I went back to school shopping I was quite dismayed at what was in the stores.  When in the hell did Lumberjack-meets-east L.A. car mechanic-meets-goth-boy come into style?  Ick.  Where is the cute little boy clothes.  The clothes where they look like boys and not Andrew Dice Clay or gangsta. Sometimes I feel so out of touch.


One thought on “What have you been up to lately?

  1. I love the creativity that you put into a project. I needed to have you by my side when I was putting my creativity to the test, could have turned out a whole lot different

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