Jill’s fall wardrobe – Imagined

Here  are my picks for my  fall wardrobe  2010. These are the patterns and styles I imagine (key word here) myself in.  I also want to recreate a pencil skirt from J.Crew and a wool skirt cut on the bias with lining.  And, get those pants finished.  The big question is, will I finish all these projects before Spring 2022?  What does your fall wardrobe look like, imagined or not? 


4 thoughts on “Jill’s fall wardrobe – Imagined

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  2. I love that McCall’s Pattern! I was checking it out at the store the other day. I ended up going with a somewhat similar pattern. It’s fitted the same way, but it has my favorite of all collars – the short mandarin collar!

    • I like the mandarin too, it’s not as complicated and goes in well. I like the McCalls with the short sleeves and then layer it with a turtleneck or something. But the old Butterick pattern has a mandrin collar on it, looks super easy.

  3. I love those styles and patterns, all were my favorites. I had many of the same styles or wanted them. I remember the stores that had the best, Mother also used them, they are classic and I bet that you will do most if not all of them, don’t throw them away, frame them if nothing else ( with all the instructions inside.)

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