Saying goodbye

Goodbye sweet dress

It is with a heavy heart that I admit that Vintage Vogue 6795 was just too much of a pattern for me.  So, I  laid her to rest in a little box, original pattern, directions, copied pattern all her accessories, everything. Even the muslin that I was so desperately trying to fit together, all of it lays in a pink box buried under mounds of fabric.  Yes, she looks simple and elegant drinking her drink, she knew I would like the way she was drawn.  But, oh the humanity, she gave me more trouble than I thought necessary on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  This tragic event made me realize that my lack of  skills (and patience) got the best of me.  This issues were 1) an 8 inch waist dart – huh? 2) directions that just weren’t doin’ it for me.  3) lack of knowledge when it comes to pattern design, alteration, and drafting.  4) The reality that this is a summer dress and we are going into fall, will I really have the determination to finish this when I know I’m not going to wear it for a long time? No. 5) Do I really need to feel guilt about this?.  No. And, If I have it hanging around like a funeral wreath, it will only add to my misery and guilt about not completing it.   So, I wrapped her carefully up and put her away, maybe I’ll come back another time and give her another try but for now, RIP Vogue 6795.


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