Time to re-evaluate – what have I done this year?

What the heck have I finished this year?  It seems like I haven’t really done anything.  I think I’ve been reading too many sewing blogs where it appears that all they do is sew insane amounts of stuff.  Sometimes I just have a hard time going to these blogs, I lose inspiration and just get  frustrated and become paralazed by a great feeling of ineptitude. 

the house that jill built

So to get my mind off of things I built the Lego House, actually it is a ‘bistro’.  I call it the Garden Bistro.  Marion Ravenwood is waiting for Indy, she owns the Bistro.  They’re going to have lunch together. 

 Ahem, yes, back to this.

  • Got the rug done
  • Lots of little/big boy clothes mending. 
  • Finished the Dubarry Vintage Dress
  • Started SBA on a vintage dress
  • Close to finishing Pants Project
  • Curtains – paid project
  • Curtains – unpaid
  • Made three skirts
  • In process of altering other skirts
  • buried a pattern, which was the first time for me – sad
  • started a sewing group
  • drafted two skirt patterns
  • Apron Project
  • started on my first Imagined Fall 2010 dress

I really need to stop comparing myself to others and keep focused.  It’s a very bad habit.  Do you find yourself doing that either in sewing or other areas?  I tend to do it in sewing more than any where else.  It drives me nuts.  But, looking back I’ve got stuff done.


3 thoughts on “Time to re-evaluate – what have I done this year?

  1. Yes to comparing myself with other — I’m trying to put blinders on so I am more focused upon myself and less on others. I think it’s a self-sabotaging mechanism to be honest with you. 🙂 I am hoping I can change the habit to one of self-focus and just be.

  2. Yes, I would say that you accomplished a major “bit” of getting things done. And to mention that you volunteer at the boys school.
    In regard to one item, is why I want to come to Denver this Friday.

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