New start on an old pattern – Advance 7770

 I am ready to tackle another vintage pattern.  This beauty is from the 50’s, Advance 7770.  I have started on the muslin and I am doing that a little differently this time.  

First, I cut the muslin and sewed up the side seams but left the darts just pinned. I figure I want to see how the fit will be of course, but my big (or small) body issues lie with the SBA.  So I want to be able to manipulate the darts to see what I need to take in.  Plus, I’m worried about those long shaped darts.  Have no ideas how that is going to work on the old body. Here is what I’ve been doing.

The new dart is now about half of the original dart width. Plus, I did shorten it as well. This muslin is going along well.  For the Fabric Shop Tour I want to find some awesome material.  I also plan on lining it.  Can’t wait for Saturday!


3 thoughts on “New start on an old pattern – Advance 7770

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  2. Awesome, I’m so impressed.
    Every time that I read and see what you are and have been doing, I want to do some “gormet” sewing.
    Keep the reviews coming.

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