It’s September, getting a itch to stitch

Like a switch being  turned on I suddenly have become interested in knitting.  I usually don’t knit in the summer unless I’m on a road trip.  Being in the car driving, endless miles leads itself to getting lots of knitting done.  But, no road trips this year.  I usually have several projects in various stages of completion. 

 I have the brainless project which requires very little in the way of thinking.  No complicated patterns or stitches. Like this sweater I have embarrassingly been working on for three years.  But, it is all knit stitches,  But, this year I have resolved to finish it.  

Next, I have this lovely bamboo yarn and I’m making  a little scarf with a lacy pattern, which requires utmost attention. 

And, finally this very complicated (for me that is) wrap which I’ve started and undone numerous times.  Plus, I’m knitting some wash cloths, which are knit and purl type things.  I like knitting when I can’t sew.  It keeps me busy and it’s travel friendly. 


2 thoughts on “It’s September, getting a itch to stitch

  1. I like that you also knit! I have been considering learning to crochet. I promised my boyfriend’s mother I would learn with her as part of her physical therapy as she recovers from a stroke last year. It’s good for the ‘ol hand/eye coordination!

    I need something more travel friendly that is creative that I can do also. I spend a good amount of time on airplanes and in cars around the holidays especially since my family lives on the east coast. I don’t think my sewing machine would make it on the airplane, but I think I might be able to get away with a crochet hook. I wonder if security would stop me…. 🙂

    • Yes, you can bring needles on the plane now. At least that is what their web site says. We were thinking of going somewhere on a plane and I checked. Ya, I like the portability of knitting. If they only made a pocket sized sewing machine….

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