Mars Need Moms movie

I loathe movies made from children’s book almost hands down.  Most never do justice to the book.  And, most are just down right embarrassments.  Remember The Cat in the Hat or The Grinch? Where the Wild Things Are, all though the author seemed  pleased with it I just couldn’t accept it.  Spielberg got his blockbuster hands on Tintin which I’m not looking forward to at all.  There was a movie made from a Mordecai Richler’s Jacob Two Two story and it was nothing short of awful.  And, the list goes on and on and on.   So, it was with great horror that I heard Berkeley Breathed gave up (?) the rights to Mars Need Moms.  Perhaps I get too emotionally attached to books, especially children’s books, but this book  is so beautiful, and sweet, and charming.  And, damn it, it makes me cry every time I read it.  One, look at the trailer and I don’t hold out hope.  It seems to be all hyper drive, loud music, seizure inducing lights.  I’m sure there will be scatological jokes thrown in,  ’cause that’s what kids “like”.  What do you think?  Am I just growing into an old fogey who can’t get with the times?  Or do you sense that Hollywood just throws drivel out at kids, because they won’t know any better?  And, why can’t they make a decent children’s movie from a book?


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