Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo 2011 Denver

from the rocky mountain sewing expo 2011Did anyone go to the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo?  It has been awhile for me.  I think the expo leans heavily on quilting, which I don’t do a lot of.  Plus, I always buy some geegaw or gidgedy gadget that I end up never using.  I was looking for the booth that sold the Swedish tracing paper but didn’t find it.  Talked for a long time with the Bernina Lady.  Nice stuff indeed.  But,  I think I’m going to look into Janome or Juki.  I think that Bernina makes machines and accessories with great care and thought.  Some of the features that they have you know a seamstress was behind it saying “let’s put this in”  not just designed strictly by engineers.  But, looking at Janome I can get even more for less price.  So, I’ll be test driving one of those here shortly. 

 I was also kind of surprised by how many vendors don’t want photos taken.  What’s up with that.  I was at one booth where she had fabric that was fabric you could get anywhere and she said no to my request to take photos.  I understand the issue of  intellectual property one of kind designs and stuff like that but just ordinary fabric?  One place called the was my favorite place.  Just a little place with tons of old craft, sewing, knitting and crochet stuff.  Neat.


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