Does this hat make my head look crazy?

Originally this hat was a dress.  Some members of the Denver Sewing Collective might recall me lugging the dress to meetings half heartedly sewing it together.  Somewhere between seams L and R I lost interest and gave up.  I think part of the problem was that I sewed the freaking dress four times and it still it didn’t fit.  Once in a muslin, again in a similar material that the final dress would be made in, third in the lining and the the last dress was in the black wool. (Isn’t that the definition of crazy.  You do the same thing over and over and expect different results but get the same thing in the end)    So, I think I was just sick of  it in the end and lost total emotional attachement to it, besides it didn’t fit.  Stupid SBA.  But, I couldn’t just throw the material away.  Somehow I thought a hat from a vintage Vogue pattern would be good idea.

A good thing I didn’t put the stiffening  in it like the pattern called for, plus I think there were to many darts.  Anyhoo, I’m in need of a sewing success so back to the drawing table for me.


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