Silk brocade and hormones

Doesn't go well with spit up

I was inspired  from a member of the Denver Sewing Collective.  Miss  Jane has sworn off buying fabric in hopes of reducing her stash.  As I look at my growing pile I think the same would be a good idea.  When I had my first baby in some hormonal weirdness I thought buying several yards of  beautiful silk brocade would be a good idea.  Did I have in mind myself lunching with the ladies in my snappy silk skirt and beautiful organza top whilst dodging newborn baby puke and other bodily secretions?  One does wonder the mind of  a new mother.  Anyhoo, I’ve had this gorgeous stuff just sitting here and I thought If I don’t sew it now I’m going to be putting it up on the ol’ ebay. 


 As you can see in this photo I have made an attempt at organization.  There are labels for ‘woven’, ‘knit’, ‘vintage’ and so forth.  But, now it looks like I’m turning into some creepy hoarder type.  In culling the herd I have found some things I had no idea I had which is getting the old creative blood flowing, which is always a good thing.   So my project is to start using it or losing it.  I think somewhere in the vast blogosphere there was a something similar going on but I can’t remember the name of it and I was too late to sign up for it.  I’ll post my projects of the things I’ve made from scraps and other hidden treasures.


One thought on “Silk brocade and hormones

  1. I can relate to both pics, the second one is more (unfortunately) my usual style these days.
    I had, in the past, an organized life every few days out of the year.
    I love your work.

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