Wow! Where does the time go?

Last post in the dark cold days of February.  Time flies.  Today I went to the Denver County Fair, first one held in Denver.  This fair was different from past fairs held at places like Adams County Fair Grounds, Pueblo I think holds the state fair.  If I had known or informed myself of what vendors were going to be at the Denver County Fair I would have been bigger on promoting this unique and fun event.  There were a lot of crafters, sewers, do it yourself-ers, beader, knitters and all kinds of great local handmade artists.  I was very good in not buying stuff.  But, there was inspiration to found at every turn.  I took quite a bit of photos that you can view on Denver Sewing Collective Fan Page and Flickr.  Plus, I got business cards from as many vendors as I could so we can share these wonderful places, people and cool stuff!

Anyway, this fair was funky, retro, great for families all though I was in sticker shock at the prices of a hotdog 7.75!  Ok, it was a foot long but really?!  It cost me and my boys 15.00 for fries and soft drinks.  I got to get better at bringing my own snacks.  Beyond that there was a lot to see and do, and kids seem to have fun, plus it was indoors except for the rides.  Hotter than Hades but still worth the heat.  I would go again next year and bring more cards from Denver Sewing Collective ( I ran out).  Always trying to spread the love.  Did you go?  Is anyone still reading this?  Sorry for the long delay.  Work. Life. Sewing.  Gets in the way of blogging sometimes.


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