New sewing magazine (at least for me)

My all time favorite sewing magazine is Selvedge which is from England.  But, at the same price for a sewing book ($20.00) I have a hard time buying it.

So, while at the book store the other day I saw this one Cloth.  This has a very similar feel to Selvedge and at half the price ($8.50).   It has ideas for the new sewer, the daring sewer ( t-shirt fashions), the advanced seamstress and so forth.  Crafty and home dec things are in there as well as pattern instructions to make garments.  I would LOVE to hear from someone who has actually made something successfully from these types of pattern instructions.  There are no paper patterns included so I’m assuming you have to draw it out. Oh, wait you have to buy the book I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe .  Hmm going to need to check that one out.   I think what I liked best about this issue was the designers who took apart a favorite dress and made a pattern out of it to perserve it for continual use.   You can see their step by step instructions.  The Cloth website is great.  You could surf around that for hours.   As this month’s title says there are indeed “84 page of sewing inspiration”.    But, still at 8.50 I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it every month. Gotta save my money for those sewing books!


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