The look I love

If it’s fashion it must be Thursday.  Here is a look I love and it is so classic from Lyn Devon.  With the right fabric, can be worn through out the year.  I would not be caught dead in gladiator sandals, (with my corpse like skin tone?) but ballet flats, cute sandals etc would be perfect.  I love the light weight turtle neck but I don’t have a flat stomach to show off. It could easily be worn with a non-midriff baring top.  This look is so classic Audrey.  This is a look that can be so easily translated to my fashion sense and sensibilities.  Love it!

the look I love

Here is the very lovely Roony Mara in a similar look.  The photo did not state as to who the designer was but it has to be from Lyn Devon. The one with Roony the fabric looks more like cotton, linen etc.  The one above is more fluid like a crepe, silk etc.  What a fabric piglet like myself could whip up! Line the skirt with a contrasting fabric and have it just peek out.  Love the shoes that she picked too.  This is probably going to be a popular look for spring and summer.  Perfect for any age.


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