Meet the Designer – Janet White of JM Designs

At the Denver Sewing Collective’s 2nd Thursday Sew In we left our machines at home and spent over 2 hours listening to Janet White talk about her passion for sewing and teaching.  Janet is  a long time seamstress, designer and instructor in the Denver area.  She teaches a variety of classes and you can check her out on Facebook or on her website.  In addition to teaching classes she also makes custom clothing for men, women, children and of course bridal wear.  Her approach to instruction is hands on but allows for all levels of sewers to be in the same ‘class’.  If a student is just starting out she gives a lot of guidance and suggestions for a first time project.  For more advance seamstresses she wants the student to challenge themselves.  If you are confident making lined skirts bring a dress or pant project in, something that will challenge yourself as a seamstress.  Can you imagine working on a difficult project and have someone right there to help you out?  No running to the internet to view some blurry and in my case choppy You Tube video trying to figure out what to do next.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Class sizes are small so that she can attend to all students and give them the attention they need.

Janet talked about her love of the details and how the underside of a garment can be just as beautiful as the outer.  Janet loves hand sewing and told us of how she does a basic zipper.   My hand sewing tends to look like someone ran a lawn mower over it.  Plus, I’m the type of sewer who thinks that if it can’t be seen then why bother making it look good.  I don’t know how many skirts I’ve made where I’ve never even bothered to hem the lining or at the least I’ll zig-zag it.  And, excuse me those little metal closure thingy’s? I’m lucky to have the patience to put the damn zipper in.   But,  I’m learning ever so painfully that sometime sewing needs to be done slowly and with care.  Sure, I want to wear the thing I’m making, why would I be making it, but taking time and care will only serve me better in the end.  Right?   Well, maybe Janet can help  bring out the Zen in my sewing style.  We shall see.

For more information on Janet White’s classes please check out her website or call her at 303-237-3930.

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