Stage 1 of my diabolical plan for perfect pants

Me after I get my new pant pattern

I am always on the look out for ways to sew more, sew more efficiently and sew better.  Secondly, I’ve been longing to tackle making pants and having them fit really well thus avoiding the ready to wear nightmare of pant shopping.  No more shame in the dressing room as my muffin top spills out over pants made for a tweens body.  Gone will be the  inseams the length of a super model.  Auf wiedersehn  low rise pants and cheap fabric.

So, in order to sew more and sew more efficiently I’ve decided to have a pant pattern drafted to fit my body.  This will eliminate the frustrating hours of fitting a pant pattern by myself.  Eliminating those hours will free me up to sew!  Insert diabolical laugh and there you have my plan.

Today I met with the lovely and talented Diane Breen who is drafting my beautiful pant pattern.  Diane has many years of experience in sewing, sewing instruction, pattern drafting and the like.  I met her online when I put a ‘call’ out to find someone who could draft me a pattern.  I have come to realize that there are those who might draft a pattern here or there and then you meet those few individuals who truly love drafting patterns.  I felt that about Diane, that she really loves not only sewing but drafting patterns and I think that this is important when choosing a person to draft your patterns.  I met with her today and we talked for about an hour and took measurements.  I brought in the fabric choices I want to use when I make my pants, plus photographs and actual pants that I like.  She took all the measurements and BAM in a week I will go in to fit the muslin.

Is this crazy?  At face value I’m paying a lot of money for a pant pattern. I could save the money and bumble through pant fitting, take a class, and  keep working on getting a commercial pattern to fit.  But, to date I’ve made four attempts at getting a commercial pant pattern right.  With still more tweaking needed.  It’s maddening really.  Then you add in the time factor and the stop and start style of sewing that I do and I’ve spent about two years trying to get this right.  If this works, I should have a pattern ready to go with very minimal fitting required. What’s not to love about that.  What do you think?  Have you thought of getting someone to draft you a pattern? What’s stopping you?

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