You know you love sewing when…

You know you love sewing when you

  • Carry sewing patterns in your purse and look at them during work
  • Can make a joke about unsuitable diagonals
  • Know how to pronounce armscye and know what it means
  • Love it when someone asks where did you get that and reply “I made it”
  • Realize if you never bought a pattern or another yard of fabric your own personal stash would allow you to sew uninterrupted for a minimum of three years.
  • Have more self control with a gooey chocolate 1000 calorie goodie than a beautiful yard of fabric
  • Even though you have 2 sewing machines you still really need another one.
  • Before you go on vacation you google all the hot fabric and sewing shops along the way
  • Your kid’s friends ask what mom does and they reply “sew”
  • You have more sewing books than any other kind and frequently fall asleep with a sewing book or pattern in hand
  • You need a second job to support your habit
  • And, lastly you know you love sewing when no matter how frustrating it gets you still keep coming back.  That’s love.

What crazy things do you do for love?


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