Sewing classes

I finally signed up for some sewing classes.  I had made a promise to myself last year that  I  would take the plunge and take classes, lesson etc and not the online kind.  I’m at a point where I desire to do more with sewing but I don’t know how to get there so hence the need for instruction.   I am taking a session with Janet White of JM Designs and I started Tuesday February 21.  She has a great spot for lessons, a remodeled garage in the funky part of Wheatridge.  Lots of space 2 ironing boards, place for your machines and a cut out table that you don’t have to bend over to cut out your fabric.  For my first lesson I constructed my entire muslin sans one sleeve.  I was able to try it on and amazingly it fits in the bodice area!  But, I need to take it out in the waist area and, that is what I’ll do before the next session.  This is going to be great for my skills as a seamstress.  I’m going to re-learn all the basics like lay-out, marking, cutting and more.  For this pattern I’m attacking princess seams, which have always been a mess for me, using silky fabric lining, button holes, fitting and so on.  A lot of awesome sewing is going to be coming out of this.  So far I’m pleased with the way things have been turning out, ripped out a few times and kept at it.  The pattern itself is great so far.  I love the long sleeves and were, in the muslin at least easy to go in.  Very productive night for me.  I don’t think I could have gotten all that done at home.  Here is a photo of the muslin, not much to look at.

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