Moving back to

Awhile back I moved the Denver Sewing Collective group from Meetup to  Meetup made major changes to the way they did business as well as making huge changes to the website and how groups/ organizations were seen by users.  There was quite an uproar and the people who made Meetup what it is/was were seething.   People are tired of big companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook and so on  forcing change  on users with little regard to functionality and  privacy issues (which are pretty much non-existent I know). The irony here is Scott Heiferman the CEO of lectures around the country about social democracy yet applies little of those ideals to the way the roll out was conducted.  Sure, it is a corporation that’s primary goal is to make money but there sure are better ways of doing it then shoving change down consumers throats. And, yes change is good, change is inevitable but the thing with Meetup’s change was that no beta testers were used, the higher-ups didn’t go to long time users of Meetup and involve them in their new ideas.  What Meetup did was take away things that any Organizer would and were infuriated with.  Removing photos, allowing anyone to schedule a meetup and on and on.  I am happy to say that some of the features were brought back due to strong vocal opposition and many organizers leaving.  There were 16,0000+ complaints after the roll out.  So, maybe the power of the people does still mean something.   But organizers had a right to be angry.  Many of these groups are related to a business and have a branding/image to present.  When an anonymous computer programmer starts messing with a person’s  business watch out.

So, why go back? Well, is going to start charging for use so I thought if I’m going to be charged why not go back to Meetup which does have better features damn it.  Plus, Groupspaces is great if your group is more static than dynamic.  With Meetup there is more people coming and going into the group, there is more movement.  Groupspaces is just not that well know here in the states and there were other lackluster features too.  I hope people are willing to go back and be patient with me.  But, please tell me what you think

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