Photography that makes you think

I’m sure you’ve all come across an image, a photo, painting  that was so beautiful you just couldn’t get it out of your head.  I found the photo above on Facebook and for whatever reason was instantly mesmerized. I thought the person where I found it took the photo but realized that she just got it somewhere trolling around on the internet.  This bothered me.  Not knowing who created it and how maddening it must be for an artist to have their work out ‘there’ but nobody puts your name to it.  So, I began my search to find the artist which took some time.  Googling woman-white dress- water does return an  unbelievable amount of images.  I finally found the photographer on Tumblr.  When I saw the photo I was sure that it all was a clever photoshopped image.  However after locating the artist/photographer,  Phoebe Rudomino , she does in fact conduct the photo sessions underwater. She is a underwater fashion photographer, talk about a niche.  She uses a studio especially built for underwater photography, (Pinewood Studios)  has divers in scuba gear assist the models (many look like dancers the way they point their toes) and has everything in the set weighted. The studio located in England  has the only permanently filled underwater studio in the world.   I could not find where this image was first presented or if it was for a company/product.  Still I find this photo one of my favorites and I’m glad I searched out the photographer to see her other beautiful work.  Peeking behind the curtain to see what goes on in the making only adds to the photo.  Love it. 


One thought on “Photography that makes you think

  1. Incidentally, you can now drag and drop any graphic into the Google Images search window and it will pull up matching images – that’s how I tracked your article in just a couple of minutes after finding the same photo on Facebook, unattributed (not any longer – thanks for the sleuthing.)

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