Sewing Spaces

I recently posted a couple of photos of sewing/creative spaces on The Blue Thread my new mini blog.  One was of Yves Saint Laurent’s very tidy, austere, non cluttered studio.  Then there is mine which looks like Clotho, Lachesis and Anthropos were having some kind of drunken smack down.  Fabric everywhere, thread completely unraveled (thanks to the cat) irons precariously close to pattern paper.  A glass of water on the ironing board, books falling out of the bookcase and so on.  I will never be on the cover of Creative Spaces.   But, looking at Yves space that’s fine for drawing beautiful sketches and all that, I need space.  I used to sew on the kitchen counter before I kicked out my newborn (I’m hard core) and made him bunk with his older bro.  Before, I would dutifully pack everything up – don’t want little ones to swallow scissors or something – and be generally very tidy.  Once I got the room all fabric hell broke loose.  Now I find I work best when I can have oh, maybe three projects out so that I can work on them at a drop of a pin (couldn’t resist).  But, I feel a bit like the old room is closing in on me here.  Too much stuff.  So, big challenge here, I’m going to really go through things and Goodwill it, Sell it, Use it or Toss it.  What does your space look like?  Post a photo on the Denver Sewing Collective Fan Page or on our new Meetup site.  I would love to know what your space looks like.

Here is another photo of mine.


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