Skirts Completed!

A fabulous skirt

Here are two skirts I finished over the weekend.  The black and white number I ‘ve been working on and off for awhile.  I love the black and white floral plus I lined it with a beautiful blue silky something I found at the Denver Fabrics Annex store which is no longer, (very sad to see that one go). I also put in a matching blue zipper.  I had other plans for some neat design features but implementing those just kept me from comleteing it so I just stuck with the tried and true “Jill’s Fabulous Skirt Pattern” which I drafted last year.  It is not  a true pencil, straight skirt but has just a small bit of flare to it so I don’t have to put in a slit.

Zipper detail

Blue lining

Bad attempt at fashion photography

The next one is something I whipped together after talking with Annie (Denver Sewing Collective member and an all around  super nice girl who has lots of great ideas!)  We were discussing how we like  clothes that look fabulous but also have that sort of French sexy, causual, “Oh, this?  I just fell out of bed with this on” sort of look.  Or perhaps better expressed in French as  Je ne sais quoi.  We were talking about cute elasticized skirts in cotton that you can pull on and look great where ever you decide to go.  This I made from a pattern that has long been since discontiuned but can be found anyhwhere.  I made this one as a prototype and will be fine tuning as I go.  I love the idea of just pulling something nice on that fits, looks great and isn’t yoga pants or ugly shorts.  Here’s what I like and don’t like so far.

 I got the material at JoAnn’s.

Would like to experiment with waistbands

The material is extremely static-e.  I’m going to be walking around with dryer sheets to keep the static down.

I don’t like a lot of gathers at the waist and hip.  I’d like a smoother waist band area but still be able to slip it on.

The material is rather thin, I didn’t line it, so I’ll need to wear a slip.

Other than that it’s a keeper.


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