The Complex – Wardrobe synopsis II

Never would I have imagined having 2 posts on The Complex but here is a wrap up of an additional character and the wardrobe choices.

Next is the character of Sloppy Girl.  Her life is as much of a mess as her wardrobe.  She’s late, she’s been evicted, she’s got the Denver Boot on her car.  Now she’s throwing up on the director at an audition, her love life is complicated, she just had ‘reckless sex’ with the Aussie. She has to take public transit. Oh, and she is here illegally…from Toronto.  I found that amusing.  I’m guessing having her from south of the border would have been too controversial.

Anyhoo, she looks like she lives in her car.  And, she almost does when the nerdy but sweetly, casually dressed ethically nondescript comic wannabe gets her a place in The Complex.

I loved watching Gossip Girl  for the visual feast my eyes gobbled up every week. Don’t get me started on the tall blond chick who learned acting from a watching Yo Gabba Gabba with the sound off  but man the clothes were divine.  And, Schmeister, Meister, Maleficent whatever her name and the boys, just beautiful. The Complex dwellers are definitely not wearing couture.   It will be interesting to see Sloppy Girl’s wardrobe evolve as she no doubt will become a rising star in this faux Hollywood.

So, it’s all here! Tight bodies, jiggly parts, good looking people, minimal pathos and no Ringer type complicated plot lines where one needs a flow chart every week to figure out what the hell is going on.   You can even see the upcoming train wrecks. The Dancer with the Heart of Gold, you know she is going to get addicted to bath salts, vodka suppositories or whatever the drug de jour is and spiral completely out of control.   And, the aging actress (who is like 26 )with the over shaped brows, (I shall call her Gloria) I’m thinking at the least murder or suicide.  Or both!  Can’t wait!

Did you tune in?  I’m I crazy for tuning in, let alone watching the entire show?  What did you like or not about the show. Any thoughts on the wardrobe choices?


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