Another skirt to add to my summer line up

Found a few wonderful things at the local thrift shop.  Two silk skirts from Banana Republic, a gorgeous fedora from Paris, and soft modal white t-shirts.  Just some basics.  The skirts needed to be taken in, which was super easy and they look great.  I also whipped out another skirt to add to my summer skirt collection.  I used a New Look Pattern #6730.  Very basic as you can see.  I did line it with a black stretch which gives it a perfect weight to it and it’s not see-through at all.  I love making something up fast and it looks great.  This is especially nice when you are working on something that for myriad reasons just becomes time consuming.  I can see making one for every day of the week.   I would make it a little longer next time, maybe by an inch or so.  As you can image even with the lining this finished up fast.  I am working on a silky blouse and had every intention of finishing it up today but then I felt the need to make this skirt.  Perfect day today.  Awesome thrift store finds, sewing, hanging out with an old friend, nothing better.  And, there is still Sunday!

Super summer skirt

3 thoughts on “Another skirt to add to my summer line up

    • Hmmm, just took a look. I am conflicted. Old vs. New. I love Baz and his over the top gorgeous way of doing things. In that brief look he does capture that insane beauty of the 20’s. Or at least the way I’ve read and imagined the 20’s. I do hope it makes more people read the book. The styles were stunning. Off to make a flapper dress.

      • Funny you should say that, I just re-read the book – and I’m wondering how it will translate with disco, frenetic, Baz as the interpreter…. but, I’m definitely intrigued. Post pics of your flapper frock!

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