A few things I’m really tired of

Hey shortie

Here’s a list of a few things I wish would retire to the more banal area of Purgatory.


  • 4-6 inch heels.  Can we please retire the Fredrick’s of Hollywood hooker heels?  When one can find these in Wal-mart it’s time to recognize the trend is dead.  Unless you are Kim, Jessica or Zoe walking around in these is not for the amateur.  I’ve seen women dressed to the nines only to have the look destroyed by hulking around in these sky high contraptions.   Be proud, be short.
  • Low pant wearing.  Still cannot believe this is going on.
  • Females who use their butts to send messages as in “Juicy”.


  • If I hear one more person say while in conversation “Seriously?”, “I know, right?”  (or simply “Right?”) and “Wait…what?” all done in that annoying up-speak I will…well, probably just cringe like I usually do.
  • The word stunning.  God, I use that like crazy.
  • Sick as in “really good”.  Should hold the award for dumbest use of a word.
  • And, of course the one that just won’t die – “Like, um  the giraffe was like really tall.”  I will judge you and harshly.


  • Most reality tv, and you know the ones I’m talking about.
  • Kim K and the like.
  • Facebook but I still can’t/won’t kick it.
  • Tumblr blogs. What is the point?  Oh, wait.  I have one. It’s really great check it out here!  Wait…what?
  • Baby bump watch!
  • And, the pressure put on women to lose the baby weight after the “baby bump” has left the building.

I could go on forever.  I’m sure you’ve got a few pet peeves, maybe people who make sanctimonious lists such as this one drive you nutty.  I didn’t even go into  annoying restaurant trends, the overuse of the word “green” and men who wear wool hats in 90 degree heat.  Whaaat?? And, of course the word Whaaat.


4 thoughts on “A few things I’m really tired of

  1. Ok I have to say many a designers are making really cute platform high heels…..and I do love heels. So there.

    But today I realized I do love to say ‘Really?’ oh and the more adamant ‘AYFKM’?. These are more in my mind, but the ‘Really?’ usually comes out of my mouth, thinking do you really think that? And then I was thinking yeah, they used to say ‘Say What’???? Finally, I really understood that statement.

    • I love heels too, but I’m also terribly horse like in my gait. Clomping around, that and the pain. I’m not sure what AYFKM is, I know what the ‘F’ is.

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