Do you sew on the weekdays?

Jean Harlow in Dinner at 8

Where is the maid with my sewing machine!

I have had a little time on my hands recently and yesterday I spent  most of the day sewing.  A Wednesday mind you.  By myself.  No interruptions except for the cat who wanted in or out and then back in and out etc.  I felt more than a little guilty, even checking the window any time I heard a car drive by.  And, I actually watched old 70’s cop shows on the telly.  Truly decadent.  Next I’ll be eating bon-bons as I watch the maid do all the housework and have the children sent off to finishing school.

But, my little dip in the pool of extravagance got me wondering.  Do you get time to sew on a weekday, or do you have to cram it all in on weekends. How much time would you really like to spend on creating?


9 thoughts on “Do you sew on the weekdays?

  1. i work from home so when work is slow i sew. i find sewing creative and it recharges me for when work gets super busy again. sure, it might take 16 months to finish a dress, but it works for me!

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