Crazy about old Broads

Yes, that’s Broads with a capital B.  I’m crazy for old Broads with style, advanced or otherwise.  Check out these amazing ladies who have style in spades.  Beautiful, cheeky and chic.  All that I aspire to.  Aging, from what I hear sucks so you might as well have as much fun as possible.  Fair warning, these ladies rock grey hair, canes and plenty of wrinkles.   See below for an interview with the designer.

Image from

Controchic Acapulittico - 2012

Image from

Image from

Old Ladies Rebellion is a line of clothing aimed at “pensioners” or as we here call them, old people.  OLR started by Fanny Karst a French design student she dares convention by designing clothing for the older set making fun clothing that addresses certain issues of the older body yet remain stylish.    Here is an interview with Miss Karst.

And for more photos go to Old Ladies Rebellion.

Are you a fan, or should the older set go back to their rocking chairs and take a nap.


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