The good news from Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion

Couldn’t just leave everyone with doom and gloom, there is a little good news about the fashion industry and efforts from businesses and individuals  to make it more sustainable.   

  1. Modal and Tencel are considered environmentally friendly fabrics, a good option over polyester and non-sustainable cotton.  According to Cline’s research over 40% of all fibers made in the world are polyester. (84)
  2. Bright Young Things is a line of clothing created by Eliza Starbuck that is recognized as sustainable and fashionable.  Cline lists Urban Outfitters as a retailer that carries it.  However, when I went to their website I didn’t see her brand listed.   Even with a big name like Urban Outfitters Starbuck  noted that it is still a struggle to make quality clothing under the rules of  fast fashion.   (60)
  3. There is a movement called Slow Fashion aka Slow Fashioned.  Cline doesn’t go into any detail about the movement but for a brief mention.  You can find more information here.  
  4. Cline does mention the Six Items or Less movement.  This is where a person picks 6 items and wears them for a month.  It is a challenge apparently to create awareness of what we wear, the garment industry and how we can get by on less.  Here is a blog that is starting a challenge in September.
  5. Resurgence in the art of sewing.  I have noticed an increase in sewing although most of it is the craft, quilt sewing.  Yet making little felt flowers  is a gateway for some.  A gateway into the heady, beautiful, dreamy world of garment sewing.  Go ahead, take a sip of the electrified Kool-Aid.

Personally, I don’t see this book having a great impact on the industry.  Just like any “movement” it will move on. There will be little pockets of resistance here and there, little sparkling gems of a company or individuals to show the world what can be done.  But, unless  governments/countries stop being ruled by money and multi-national corporations  I really don’t see much change happening.

When was the last time American’s were told to economize? Jimmy Carter – “Turn down your thermostats…” perhaps?  American’s are notorious for over consumption whether it’s food, booze or clothing.  And, if it isn’t a law, I just don’t think people will willingly comply on their own.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The good news from Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion

  1. I think there might be hope but a lot needs to change. Once the genie is out it takes time to tame it. The cheap genie can never be put back it can only be handeld.

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