Is it couture if it’s made from Gummy Bears

Gummy Bear Gown

What exactly is the definition of couture and can it be applied to a gown that weighs 220 pounds and has over 50,000 gummy bears on it?

Couture is the designing and making of clothing to a client’s exact specifications.  So, yes the Gummy Bear Gown would be considered couture  by that definition.  The gown was created by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi for the launch of  TWELV magazine in June 2012.  The design itself is modeled after a Alexander McQueen gown shown below in all of its less sweet but more substantial glory.

Would the Gummy Bear Gown be considered haute couture?

 Haute means high or elegant depending on the source,  and couture is dressmaking, sewing etc.  High dressmaking or dressmaking at it’s highest most elegant form.  The term is actually protected by French law.  In order for a designer to be considered a haute couture designer he or she must be a member of  Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris as well as follow certain rules such as having a workshop in Paris that employs at the minimum 15 people.  And,  present two collections a year with specific number of outfits etc and other regulations and rules.   I like that they have very specific  rules that one must adhere to in order to be listed as a haute couture designer.  

Sorry, Gummy Bear Gown you may be sweet but you are not haute.

Alexander McQueen


13 thoughts on “Is it couture if it’s made from Gummy Bears

  1. Thanks for this – very interesting. I agree that its good that there are regulations and rules that govern whether an item of clothing / designer can enter the “haute couture” category… BUT let me add this – Until recently I honestly didn’t know what couture was! (of course, i’d heard of it but never thought to check what it was). This is despite the fact that I’ve had several outfits made exactly to my specifications and they are stunningly beautiful and elegant… However, as they were not made by a designer who has a workshop in Paris, they would not be classed as “haute couture” even though they are extremely stunning and elegant! So while I agree there need to be regulations perhaps they should be more focused on quality, craft and the actual item etc rather than the location? Then again, I do not care whether my items are referred to as “haute couture” or not – I love them all the same!!! I’m thinking of posting some pics on my blog soon of something I had made quite recently…

      • I think you misunderstood… Its not stuff I made but stuff I had made by a designer, according to my specification! There is no way I could make anything that spectacular! I’m going to be starting my very FIRST tiny little sewing project in a couple of weeks…

  2. I saw a ‘couture’ gown made from condoms. It’s like the word ‘green’ everyone is slapping it on something. Or costume versus fashion. Well, it got me to think this morning!

    • I’m glad I got the grey (gray?) cells moving. There is a debate on Fashion vs. Costume and how the two are very different but one is trying to be fashion when it’s costume. Or is it the other way around? Or both? Anyhoo, it’s actually quite interesting.

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