Not your grandma’s sewing machine

Sewing machine of the future?

  This sewing machine is created by Sarah Dickins who won the James  Dyson Award for her design.   She finds her generation frequently tosses clothing in the trash rather than mending it.  Most sewing machines have a steep learning curve and can be complicated machinery.  Often times one needs a set of classes just to learn how to operate it.  

Dickins set out to design a machine that was user friendly and could do general mending and could be used straight away.  I have not tested the machine but would love to. It has a beautiful design and shape to it and I certainly would not want to hide this machine in some dark corner.    You can read more here on her award and design process.

Would a machine like this keep you sewing?


16 thoughts on “Not your grandma’s sewing machine

  1. It’s pretty, but I have some reservations about the design. That leatherette cover, for instance; how long before it shows wear? Is it replaceable? What is the size limit on the thread spool? Where does the power come from? What prevents it from taking off if someone accidentally leans on the pressure sensor end? How do you regulate the speed while manipulating the fabric? How long will that flexible drive train last, compared to the 50-odd years my metal-geared machine has continued to work with no replacements?

    • Wow. You know what you like! As I look more into the machine it does look like a mending machine nothing heavy duty or for seamstresses that sew every day. But, It is rather nice to look at.

  2. The young one in this household is studying fashion design and in the process has come into two fine machines, both Juki and both sturdy and heavy duty as hell — this one I’d put in the living room — now that’s design!

  3. I dunno, how’s it sew? That’s what’s important. Leave a statement while on my counter top. Well another thing to dust I suppose. Inspiring design. That I will give it. Beautiful, is it functional?

  4. Well, how cool! I would definitely use it – however, my needs are more about reconfiguring outdated fashions to make something worth wearing today – so I need pattern-making lessons!!!! But a simple machine like this could certainly cut down on the overall angst of a project.

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