Fashion trends that should end – Baggy Pants

I see London.  I see France!

Behold the baggy pants

For the video pick let’s take a look at the popularity and in my not so humble opinion the utter ridiculousness of the saggy, baggy pants worn usually by men.  Guys who wear this look like they have a load in their drawers.  Their gait is severely compromised and running is all but rendered impossible.  Why this trend has continued for this long boggles my mind.   Let’s all say it:  “Brother pull up your pants!”


10 thoughts on “Fashion trends that should end – Baggy Pants

  1. What do you suggest? skinnies? the Baggy pants is a style, you don’t like it, others likes it, some people likes skinnies, others doesn’t, it doesn’t mean we should terminate something cuz YOU don’t like it, these fags who’s wearing their baggies on their knees just wanna be some gangsta… or somethin, Hip Hop generation wears it right, go and google it you will know what I mean, the right way to wear them, is Weistbuit – to – Lower Weist, it doesn’t expose their asses……

    Forgive me for my languege, just can’t take it anymore, everyone just hates us cuz we wear baggies and buff T-shirts?

    • You are right. Something shouldn’t be terminated because I don’t like it. I’m certainly not Queen of the World. But I do not hate people who wear baggy style pants either. Just want to clear that up.

      However, I think we both agree to a point on the baggy style.

      From your comment you don’t seem to like the gangsta style either. And, I see a lot of the Hip Hop gen wear it very well that do not expose the ass. I guess for me that is the big problem, it seems like when you wear it that low why bother.

      I didn’t separate the two out gangsta vs hip-hop and you are right there is a big difference.

  2. I think the fashion trend died long time ago It’s more of a cultural mainstay or cultural statement, not sure. The bagging has been seen in countries all over the world. So can trends last forever? !!! I think a lot of people look at it like a joke, unless you’re a rapper or something it just looks silly.

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