Make Do and Mend campaign of World War 2

Here is a clip from  World War 2 showing English women how to refashion clothing and in turn support the war the effort.    In England this campaign was called Make Do and Mend.  In this clip the audience is treated to a fashion show of refashioned clothing.   This Make Do and Mend idea is popular once again as consumers want to save money, reduce their footprint and/or want to release creative energy by way of up-cycling and refashioning.  So, what do you Make Do and Mend?  


5 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend campaign of World War 2

  1. Lovely snippet! My mum instilled in me, a Make Do and Mend ethos but I rebelled against it when I left home. I felt like I was earning proper money and then deserved ‘lovely’ new things instead of ‘making do’ all the time. But I have come full circle and now as an adult and mother myself, I am making and mending all the time… mostly because I want lovely, – perfectly fitted and quality – new things!

    • That’s funny. When I was in high school my mom encouraged me to keep sewing my own but I thought it was stupid and not cool. Then out of college I got the big paying job and bought everything full price. But, now I’ve done the same thing come back to sewing my own, finding awesome thrift store finds and really making one of a kind stuff.

      Thank God that as we get older we do in fact get wiser and a big THANKS to moms!

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