It’s only a paper dress sailing over a cardboard sea

The obvious comment would be – Don’t get caught in the rain wearing one of these.  Check out these lovely dresses made out of paper.

Dress by Scott Paper Company

The Scott Paper Company created a paper dress that was sold by mail for a 1.00  in 1966.  Done has a promotional stunt women all over the country sent in for the dress.  And really, think of how easy it would be to hem.

Stay clear of rainy weather

Today Cashmere Toilet paper manufacturer holds their annual Couture toilet paper dress contest.  Click here to see other entries and to vote.

From artist Joins Pason

Now we have a purpose for all those unused phone books.  This dress from artist Jolis Paons is made from phone books.

Kennedy Trugter’s Dress

And, here is  a dress made entirely out of the daily news. Created by Kennedy Trugter just 15.

Art Director’s Club of Denver 2012

Here is a winning entry for the Art Director’s Club of Denver’s annual Paper Dress Fashion show.  

Takes recycling to a whole new level.


4 thoughts on “It’s only a paper dress sailing over a cardboard sea

  1. I just saw a paper dress on Antiques Roadshow a couple of days ago. It was made from phone book pages and sent out to customers at no charge in the late 60’s. They valued it at $1800 – $2200!

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