10,000 hours to pant perfection

Perfect pant pattern – finally

I’m sure you are all aware of the 10,000 hours rule.  It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.   It seems like I have put in about 10,000 hours on perfecting (nearly) pants.  I have made 6 sample pairs, gone through a bolt or two of muslin but finally here they are.  Here is the low down on  Butterick 4998 (out of print, yes I’ve been working on them that long).

  1.  Material is a black denim no Lycra.
  2. I had to do a number of adjustments and most in the crotch length and depth areas.  
  3. I added pockets in the back which you can’t really see.
  4. I took the side seems in one inch so I could adjust them later if necessary.  
  5. I  did a Claire Schaffer yolk waist band which is the final addition that really put me over the moon with happiness (only a fellow seamstress would understand).    And Viola!  


Front Butterick 4998


contoured waistband

13 thoughts on “10,000 hours to pant perfection

  1. I’d say that was a well-spent 10,000 hours… amazing fit! I am so in awe of anyone who has tackled strides. I have not yet. And I have managed to fill all the gaps that make me think beyond thinking about making a pair!

  2. Those look awesome, and the waistband there is no gapping. Nice job. Pants can be really difficult to fit with all those dimensions, depth, length, width.

    • To say the least. Yes, the waistband was the toughest, I didn’t really have anything to go on, you know how pattern directions are the worst. So, I spent a Saturday afternoon looking at RTW pants and how those waistbands were made. Fortunately I found Claire Shaeffer’s pattern on the yolk waistband and it really was perfect. The pants are a little high-waisted. I’m in the process of making another pair with even more alterations to the waist area which I think will fix the flat butt issue that you can’t really see in the photos. I don’t have much back there.

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