Do you belong to a sewing guild or club?

I visited the Front Range Contemporary Quilters a group of artist quilters the other night.  It was kismet that I came on that night because their sister group Wearable Art was having a fashion show.  These women are amazing garment sewers using couture methods and in many cases drafting their own patterns for their designs.  After talking with these lovely ladies I signed up to be apart of their group.  My first meeting is in January and I’m really excited to be possibly learning a great deal from these women.  So, do you belong to a sewing guild in your area.  Do you like it and what do you do when you meet up?    

If you would like to see their designs please check out the fan page of Denver Sewing Collective.  

14 thoughts on “Do you belong to a sewing guild or club?

  1. I tried going to the Sewing Guild in my area and only went to two meetings (I gave them a second chance). I’m sorry, but it was soooo dull and home-spun, plus there was huge pressure to commit to working on a charitable activity of making baby blankets for hosptial babies. I know, I know, that is a good cause, but not what I had in mind when thinking about joining a sewing guild. I was hoping to find what you found… really interesting, talented people wanting to connect and share their talent. Maybe I should start my own group. 🙂

  2. I joined a guild but it was too much on the craft and quilting side. I would like more of a garment sewing group. I would love to meet with others and just sew. I checked out your Facebook page, that looks like a fun group.

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