Eternity Scarves Project

At the Denver Sewing Collective’s last meetup we made Eternity Scarves.  This project was very easy and would make for great gifts.  I had problems with the written directions as usual but once Kim made a successful one it was all downhill from there.  

Here are some photos that might help those who are more visual learners.  I have been craving an easy project and this is it.  There are infinite possibilities here!   Have you made any?  I may just make everyone on my list one.

On the directions from Simplicity’s Eternity scarves here is a photo starting at step 6.

Sewing the short ends together

Step 9

Step 9, pulling it through the 3 inch opening

Pulling it through the opening (Step 9 continued)

Once you pull it all the way through you would then hand stitch the opening closed.

Hand stitch the opening closed

And, here is a pic of the scarf when done. (Yes, I need to press it!)  It really is beautiful, much more than the photo allows.

Wrapping forever around

Cowl version


2 thoughts on “Eternity Scarves Project

  1. You have a hard time with written directions? Me too, plus some pattern directions are just confusing no matter how it’s written. The scarf looks beautiful even with the wrinkles ;). Silk?

    • For some reason I was having a hard time. I think I had in my mind how to do which was no jibing with what they had written. When I saw Kim’s it all made sense. Visual learner I guess. And, yes it is silk. My mom got it in Italy years ago, so glad I hung on to it. Now about all that silk I just sold on ebay…Arrrrrgh! Kicking myself.

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