Pattern Hoarder or Passionate Collector?

But, I need more.

Tell me again at what point does this become a problem?  Should someone be giving me an intervention?  In another attempt to avoid actually creating and using a pattern, I thought this weekend would be a good time to clean out the pattern drawer which is really more like a larger Rubbermaid travel trunk.  

Here’s the breakdown

  • 46 Dress patterns
  • 26 skirt patterns
  • 19 Jacket patterns*
  • 9 Pant/short patterns
  • 8 Bag/tote patterns*
  • 8 Knit/stretch patterns
  • 7 Lifestyle/Wardrobe patterns*
  • 7 Blouse patterns*
  • 7 Costume patterns*
  • 6 Home decor*
  • 4 Apron *
  • 2 Children*
  • 2 Hat*
  • 2 Fitting*
  • 1 Uni-tard*

* at the most one pattern has been used. In most cases I haven’t used any. (Uni-tard)

I have no idea why I could possibly want a uni-tard let alone make one.  

This list does not take in to account my vintage stash.

Look at that! I clearly need more blouse and pant patterns, I’m not even in the double digits.  

Fess up.  What’s your drawer look like.

Doesn’t look so bad now.

I’m sure I was going to make the ‘C’ version

26 thoughts on “Pattern Hoarder or Passionate Collector?

  1. 😀 😀 Few months ago I register all (I hope) patterns I have in my stash on It is helping me as I can chack what I have and it is stopping me of buying more patterns. I think for me it is more collection – when I look at some patterns I see that they are almost the same. From some patterns I am using only small part. There are lot of patterns I have never used – but I like look at them and dream that one day I will make garment based on it. I am trying to stop bying patterns… which is very difficult.

  2. Yes, I recently gave away a lot of my old patterns. It felt good. I kept some. I like the swap we had at the sewing night. Those are always excellent where you can get new and get rid of what you don’t want. I am thinking if I were a pattern collector I would definitely have a catalog system on a database. This is what i am always saying, ‘there’s an app in there somewhere’. LOL.

  3. Guaranteed any pattern you get rid of will be the exact one you want a few months down the line! As to hoarding erm…I mean collecting- a few jumbo size plastic boxes on wheels house mine. They are vaguely sorted according to type and I rummage through every so often to remind myself what is there. My family are still wondering if I was joking when I said that I would like the ashes mingled with mine when the time comes.

  4. I think we all can relate to this always looking for something ‘new’ thing – especially when it comes to patterns! My stash of paper patterns is rather small, but you should see my “BurdaStyle Sewing Patterns” folder on my computer *blush*. But I have nothing even close to the awesomeness of that hooded unitard! You MUST keep it and make it!!! I swear, that would get you on “Freshly Pressed” instantly!!! Love your blog, BTW 🙂

  5. I stopped counting my patterns after 300. Now that I am retired I will finally get to start making all of these wonderful clothes and accessories.

  6. Oh my friend … you are a passionate collector and a young one at that. I think my “collection” is bursting a bit. I am a bit nervous about counting them.

    I do think the uni-tard should be next on the “to do” sewing list with a fashion show at the the next DSC.

    @disparatedisiplines: can you expand on your “electronic inventory”? Do you use excel? Evernote? Springboard? Pattern Pal? I am most curious.

  7. I have mine in a plastic DVD storage box. It’s very long & holds my 100+ patterns, but I’ll need to branch out soon! It’s the perfect width for smaller patterns because I can line them up on their sides. Everything is sorted in categories similar to the ones you have listed, with folded bits of paper sticking up that list the categories. I also have my inventory listed electronically, but that’s another story. I can be a bit obsessive sometimes…

      • Sure. I use Bento, an application for Macs, although I’ve got mine on a iPad. Not sure what the computer version is like. It’s also a little older version so a tutorial might not end up working well. But I really love it. I can customize & add as many fields as my heart desires as well as cross reference my patterns with my projects (which are cross referenced with my fabrics & notions). I’m a bit insane. But it’s really wonderful for knowing exactly what I have, what I’ve spent, how often I’ve used something & I can keep track of all my project ideas before I forget about them.

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