What’s your favorite era for inspiration?

Judge Magazine 1926

Judge Magazine 1926

Probably my favorite era for fashion is 1920’s.  Check out this colorized video of 1920’s fashion and the music is really the bee’s knees.  There is an orange coat that is stunning and could quite easily be copied. The coats have amazing linings.  Love the hats, the music the fashion.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite era for inspiration?

14 thoughts on “What’s your favorite era for inspiration?

  1. Very lovely clip and certainly very glamourous, though I’m not sure I would feel comfortable in such straight lines! I prefer the 40s to be honest. A bit more definition to the waist and shoulders. I dont have much of a waist as it is!! But I do love the asymetric lines of the hats 🙂

  2. Great video and in color! I love the restraint of the Victorian era. But, not so practical in terms of wearing today. But plenty of inspiration. I love the 30’s and 40’s too. 50’s are probably last. Love the styles but I don’t wear the big full skirts with the crinolines. I do love that coat in the video. The linings are quite beautiful.

    • It would be hard to pick one. I love the 1950’s style that Marilyn Monroe exemplified. Very fitted, sexy. I can’t really recall her wearing a lot of the New Look but I could be wrong. I’m also thinking of Niagara where her costumes are just screaming wonderful.

  3. Pretty post! I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I’m also a twenties gal. Count me in. Going through another flapper phase as I type this comment. It’s high time to schedule a hair bobbing. I love the red-orange jacket with the floral at 1:21. Is that the one you fancy? Great spit curl! Theadora

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